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Welcome to Learning Squared

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"When kids love to learn, they'll learn!"

We can all agree that education has changed!

Our children are expected to master more information, at an earlier age, at an accelerated rate! Sometimes a student needs a little longer to grasp a new concept and if the curriculum doesn't allow for that, it can lead to frustration, loss of motivation, and a drop in grades and standardized test scores.

Learning is a process…

Each step builds on the last. At Learning2, we call those missed or weak background skills - learning gaps.

Children are born with a natural inquisitiveness and desire to learn. Learning2 is a Center dedicated to closing educational gaps and rekindling the joy of learning. While a tutor might work on homework, we identify learning gaps and design an individualized program that will reteach in a fun, caring and motivational setting. We celebrate every success and watch small steps turn into giant strides!

We're so confident that our program works that we GUARANTEE one grade level of improvement in 40 hours of instruction (Basic Reading or Math).

Serving Buda, Kyle, Hays County & South Austin
1115 Main Street, Suite 200, Buda, TX 78610

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